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Let Us build new memories together

The war in Ukraine has changed the lives of many people. Both the people of Ukraine and the people of Poland, who in an unprecedented way have shown great solidarity and welcomed those in need into their homes. Today, we all face fear and contempt for human life and peace on the part of Russia. In particular, what has happened has affected children, who have been forced to find themselves in a new and unexpected situation and place.

Therefore, based on the Foundation’s experience, we decided to launch activities aimed at the acclimatization and adaptation of children from Ukraine and Poland through joint activities of the Lego Architects Talent Campus.

Primary objective

Integration of children from Ukraine with children from Poland. Creating space for acclimatization in the new reality.

Methodology & Idea

Building blocks together connects and builds relationships. It also allows to make new friends. It builds space for conversation, teaches teamwork, tolerance and equality. Today, building blocks can play a key role in integrating children from Ukraine with their peers in Poland. And above all, they will help build new, war-free memories.

Participants will not only acquire the skills of building, cooperation, presentation, but will also have the opportunity to make international contacts, learn the language and adapt to a new situation.

Why Support is so Necessary

We are counting on your support. Every donation counts. Each child is to receive their own lego set after the class.

Why this project is so important:

    1. Refugees from Ukraine according to the Minister’s decree can benefit from education in Poland. Unfortunately, schools are not ready for this in terms of staff and linguistics. Therefore, we want to solve this problem by teaching Ukrainian children Polish while playing with bricks.
    2. Project teaches cooperation and allows contact with other children from Poland. First friendships and new acquaintances facilitate acclimatization.
    3. The classes are co-managed by an Ukrainian teacher and artist who, like the children, found himself in a new situation on the market as a result of the war.
    4. The educator from Ukraine will receive the salary necessary for normal functioning in Poland. We create the workplace.

Support us. Donate:)

You can also make payments by bank transfer to our bank account:

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