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Lego Young Architects Talent Forge


Lego Young Architects Talent Forge

About Projects:

Original Project of Varietae Foundation using fantastic lego bricks and participation of invited educators, lego coaches, architects, engineers, who through a series of thematic classes teach how to express emotions with bricks, build a city model, design small architecture and also make spatial figures and constructions.

Why this project is so special:

When children play – they learn. They solve problems, think strategically, establish relationships with others and at the same time cope with life’s ups and downs. A methodology of learning is implied in the good fun of children. And thanks to the workshop form of classes, interaction with others – children learn that learning is a pleasure. And this is exactly the habit we want to equip children participating in our classes with.

First edition

What can you use Lego for? In truth, for almost anything that gives you pleasure. Building castles, cities, learning architecture, counting, and also for building bridges and relationships with other Lego enthusiasts.

Blok tematyczny będzie prowadzony przez architekta/architekta krajobrazu. Chcemy The thematic block will be led by a landscape architect/architect. We want to arouse in children sensitivity to aesthetics, functions of urban space by conducting the following activities:

  1. We are creating our city – as part of the activity, children will create living spaces for different groups of people. All constructions will be designed to meet the needs of different groups of residents, having different needs due to age, disabilities, works, etc. Thanks to this, children will have a chance to focus on finding solutions dedicated to all residents, taking care of diversity of created places.
  2. Dream playground – children will be given the task of creating a playground aimed at providing a therapeutic goal for all children. This will draw attention to the accessibility of play areas for all. The activities will become an opportunity to talk about the need for accessibility, inclusion of all children in play and as a result children will develop emotional intelligence.
  3. School of the future – the task for the children will be to build their dream school. During these activities children will learn to cooperate by working together in teams.

4 activities. The classes will be conducted with pedagogues, educators who will have the opportunity to develop soft competencies of the workshop participants. The research carried out by “Kosmos” Foundation shows that children have the opportunity to develop creativity, in case of developing such features as: critical thinking, awareness of their own emotions and controlling them as well as developing courage to be a leader. The activities will be aimed at finding new, non-standard solutions and having courage to put the idea into practice.

In this block of topics, participants will have, for example, a limited number of blocks in or a simple guideline of what sequences can be created. Individual workshops will be dedicated to the following topics:

  • Build Something from Nothing – Children will be challenged to build structures of their choice from boxes of blocks prepared for them in groups. The number of elements will be limited. Each team will present the completed results. During the building process participants will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills by using the available elements and then will defend the effects of their work while telling what they have created.
  • Professions of the future – the participants’ task will be to create characters in new professions of their own invention. Participants will have to talk about created characters, their work tools. As a result, they will be able to present their creations, answer other participants’ questions on why they think such a profession of the future is needed.
  • Express emotions – each group will draw one of the emotions they will have to express with the bricks by creating a character or a genre scene. The task for the other participants will be to guess which emotion the work depicts.
  • Creative objects – the participants’ task will be to connect the real objects with the blocks available according to the imagination of the participants in each group.
Second Edition

How many ways can you build your favorite playground or vehicle? How can you use blocks to express feelings? It all starts with connecting the first two blocks. Later, imagination and inspiration from working in a group creates a unique world, buildings and unique characters.

The first edition of “Talent Campus – Young Lego Architects” showed us how great imagination children have and how much they need to develop it in a group. What is interesting, many of the participants rediscovered the magic of Lego blocks at home, and some of them still nurture relationships and friendships formed during the classes by creating new worlds together at home. We are proud of you.

Meanwhile, we invite you to a new adventure:) In which we will take you, among others:

  • into the world of board games,
  • air labyrinths
  • underwater cities
  • peculiar meetings with a box full of surprises.

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