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Fundacja Varietae | 2023 DISCOVER THE PASSION


Discover Passion

in the diversity of our activities

Time spent with your child is priceless. Your daughter or son does not need another set of building blocks or a computer game. He needs your attention, your smile and appreciation of how he is doing in different life situations. 

The most valuable gift is your time and that’s why our projects focus on giving it to your child in an attractive form.   


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Set sail,

When the winds of adventure blow

Think of life as an adventure that comes to you on its own. Only it doesn’t like lazy people. It goes to those who have their eyes wide open and see its sign. 

So it is with us. We initiate actions, to which we invite you and your loved ones. We give you a chance to discover not only something new, but also yourself and your hidden skills.

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Develop your abilities

in practical action

Dry information has the quality of passing easily. If only because they are very often less emotionally charged than practical actions. “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I will remember. Let me do and I will understand” is the philosophy of Cartesian, which is very close to us. Therefore, when using our projects, you will discover that you are not only participating in them, but also actively co-creating projects.

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Share that what

gives you wings

When you share your passion with others – tell them about it, let them participate in it – it’s like inviting them into your world. Real people’s stories can change entire lives. By working together in this two-way way, we all become richer, stronger, and able to change the world around us together. Join our adventure, discover your passion, and when you think you’re ready, ready share it.

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