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Academy of the Smart Kid


Academy of the Smart Kid

The Academy is an original project of the Varietae Foundation aimed at educating and equipping children with practical socio-educational skills.
The first pilot edition of the program was implemented in the first half of 2019.
The activities covered 4 classes of students from four elementary school in Szamotuly.

As a result, the project covered 80 children and involved more than 60 families from the Szamotuły District. Local experts, entrepreneurs and activists also participated in the project.

I edition
  • “Savoir-vivre every day” – workshops on good manners conducted by Ms. Krystyna Święcicka,
  • “My back wants to be free” – workshops on correct posture conducted by a physiotherapist, Mr. Jacek Bigos
  • “Brain can do”. – workshops on effective learning – trainers from Progressum Developmental Support Laboratory.
  • “Mom, dad – I’m safe” – self-defense workshops for children.
  • “I know what and why I eat” – healthy nutrition workshops led by Agnieszka Wespa,
  • “Everyone can dance”. – Dance workshops led by Ms. Anna Hanysz Lorenzo Dance School.
  • “Let’s paint something together” – art workshops led by Ms. Milena Kolata-Rzepecka.
  • “Chemistry around us – a chemistry workshop” – workshops led by dr Tomasz Manaszewski.
II edition
  • Increase the knowledge and skills of children and and youth connected with issues of economics, finance and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide attractive additional activities for children connected with gaining useful knowledge and competences.
  • To provide attractive didactic materials for children and parents who want to educate their children To provide attractive teaching materials for children and parents who want to educate their children in economics and finance.
  • To develop children’s skills in managing their own finances and understanding the role of money in the modern world.
  • To teach children different forms of saving Teach children different forms of saving and saving for later use.
  • To engage local businesses in joint activities for the benefit of the local community. To engage local businesses to work with them to develop good corporate social responsibility practices.

Second Edition Academy focused on finance

The program of the classes will be based on ready-made workshop scenarios made available to our organization by ABC Czepczyńscy Foundation and UNICEF.

Each participant will receive a free copy of the book.