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24 new students of Talent Campus – Young Architects

The second edition of Talent Campus for Young Architects ended today. Traditionally two age groups: 5-7 and 8-12 years old, at the end of the classes received certificates and a set of Lego bricks.

Second Edition even more creative

Workshops in the second edition of the Talent Campus were based on children’s creativity, their ability to cooperate with peers and their ability to present their work. Each class was based on the main theme, while the interpretation and construction techniques were free. The result – over 100 unique Lego constructions and the same number of narrations. The most interesting outcome of the project, however, was the self-education of the participants, who thanks to the joint construction, observations and discussions, improved their previous skills by adding various construction techniques taken from their peers.

Big and small space

Most of the classes took place at the ‘O Matko’ Café at 4 Kopernika Street in Szamotuły, for which we would like to thank Karolina Zbąska and the rest of the team. The new thing were the classes in the Foundation’s seat at Nowa 6 Street. The small room, although initially aroused our fears because of the space, turned out to be a great place to work and strengthen the bonds between participants. This experience showed us that there is a huge potential in this place and therefore we plan to improve it and adapt it to an even more interesting workshop space.

What next…

The 3rd edition is already in an advanced planning stage and more information about it will be available soon. Encouraged by the success of the classes we are also planning to launch a summer half-school. Detailed information on this topic will appear in mid-May this year.

Dream coach

A big distinction in the 2nd edition of Lego Talent Campus for Young Architects deserves also Mrs. Kinga Roszyk – trainer/coordinator, who not only took care of comfortable and friendly conditions of the classes but also developed the whole program of activities and topics.